25 August 2014

Coventry Regional Farmer's Market

So much incredible produce! 

Enormous jewel-toned heirloom tomatoes, curly kale, purple and green peppers, sweet ground cherries, fresh cheese, and cute, young farmers (heyyy!) filled the grassy Coventry lot. We grabbed mason jars with lovely Whole Harmony iced tea, and perused the market tasting honey samples, ogling the beautiful harvests, and admiring all of the friendly dogs. We finished off the day at the Dairy Barn in Storrs, CT with a scoop of freshly made ice cream made by the milk of cows of UConn. 

UCONN campus, Storrs, CT

Heirloom Tomatoes



Just a lady and her lovely tomatoes

A market-goer scouts out her multicolored watermelons

Butterflies and flowers

Trying yellow watermelon

Color color color! 

The Watermelon Truck

Gooey Fresh Apple Cider Doughnuts

Propolis Bitters

Buying Honey

Colored Carrots


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