26 October 2014

Jack o' Lantern Spectacular, Roger Williams Park Zoo, RI

New England in the fall is lovely--the region comes alive with activity, holiday spirit and jewel-toned colors. This trail of artistic pumpkin carvings was well worth the wait. 

12 October 2014

Moments in Warmer Weather.

I always love to wait as long as possible to develop rolls of film. This usually happens organically as there aren't too many quality film developers around nowadays. I found one small shop and gave them a try, and I was not disappointed.

Nothing in life will ever compare to opening up an envelope of newly developed film, when you are instantly reminded of the images you took on days, weeks, maybe even years ago. I opened this batch, peeling back the sticky closure. I was pleased and yet nostalgic to see the first photo. A dear friend making me his favorite breakfast of fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and lots of meat two Aprils ago down south. Photo 2: Grand Central ceiling. I flipped through photo after photo in my developed stack, outside the air cooling, and trees rustle in the wind, yellows and reds have taken over their branches. But looking at these photos in my hands, I am brought back to moments in time, moments in warmer weather.