06 March 2014

a love note to israel .

I gave my heart away to this place six years ago. I wrestled with the pain of leaving it there, nestled in the hands of this incredible land. Any chance I get to visit, I welcome with open arms, and every time I set foot in the country, I am offered sweet nostalgia paired with new and exciting experiences.

My heart swelled at the chance to visit this February for my best friend's wedding. I embraced family, put my feet in the salty Mediterranean waters, partied with old university friends, and ate my way through each day [as per usual].

Upon Landing, El Al
Aruchat Boker, Cafe Landwer's, Tel Aviv

Trumpeldor, Tel Aviv


Sunset over Tel Aviv

Enjoying our tradition of chai latte teas with my best friend and bride-to-be

Turkish Borekas with Mediterranean olives, Ramleh

Artisan at Nachalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv

Vintage Shuk, Tel Aviv

Pastries on Machneh Yehuda, Jerusalem

Shabbat Dinner, Kfar Saba

The Kotel, Jerusalem

Malawah, Jerusalem

Trying out ear jewelry Nachalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv

Lala land, Tel Aviv

Tumeric and Paprika, Jerusalem

Photographer at the wall, Jerusalem

Harpist, Jerusalem

Moudardara at Cafe Yafo, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Birthday boy, Jerusalem


Dusk, Tel Aviv

Inside Tel Aviv

Bageleh, Jerusalem

Fountain, Tel Aviv

Layered yeast cake, Tel Aviv

Over Long Island, U.S.A.