26 February 2011

20 February 2011

Pure Faith

A visit to the holiest site in the world at 1 am.Trekking through the old city, a full moon above, brought us to the Kotel. Illuminated by bright light, the wall stood pale and stoic against the midnight sky. Newly-tied red Kabbalah bracelets adorned the hand that touched the wall as we prayed. Women surrounded us, hands grasping the Tanach with white knuckles. Sobbing and loud silence were the only sounds that penetrated the air. We walked backwards. Scents of mediterranean spices and rose water embraced us as we strolled through the deserted shuk...

"My house is a house of prayer... for all peoples" Issiah 56:7

11 February 2011

Shabbat Candles

The end of one week, the beginning of the next...

04 February 2011